“Zombie Mode”

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By: Brandon Conner

There are days, when before you even go into the gym, you just know you are gonna crush the workout. You can see it in your mind, and as the end of the workday approaches, you are only half-focused at your job. When you FINALLY make it to the gym, a seemingly simple WOD is posted on the board. You start the workout when BOOM, out of nowhere, it hits you like a ton of bricks. You were sure you were gonna crush the WOD, but instead the WOD crushed you!

The other side of the coin is what I would like to discuss here, though. The days where you are beat up, a little sore, a LOT sore, busy, etc. You just don’t feel like going to train. You have convinced yourself that even if you DID train, you would do SO horribly that it would not even be worth it.  These are the days when it can help to just go into what I like to call “Zombie Mode.” Just go through the motions. Get in your car, go to the gym, and COMPLETE warm-up (this is especially important on these days). After that, then what? Just train. Start light. Take extra warm-up sets on any strength work you are doing. Diligently warm-up any movements in the WOD, before 3-2-1 go. Most importantly, do not set any expectations for the day — good or bad. If the bar feels heavy and is not moving well, get some good reps in at a weight you can do while still maintaining a desirable technique. Trust me, you will be surprised.

More than once, I have had a day where I felt horrible and had almost talked myself out of training.  Once I entered “zombie mode,” showed up, then BOOM! I finished my training session with a new PR,  learned a new movement or had an unexpectedly good performance in a WOD. So, stop placing so much weight on how you feel. Approach each training session with a healthy amount of confidence, respect, and humility. Do the best that you can, and the rest will “magically” work out for the better.

2016 Updates


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Fitness Family,

I wanted to take a few minutes to explain the reasons we are SUPER EXCITED about the start of 2016!!!

As we are in YEAR 5 as a successful fitness community we have decided to add a new name to properly describe our many health and fitness solutions, “Flowery Branch Health and Fitness” is a Strong Community formed to Provide Health and Fitness Solutions for the Entire Family!


Our new membership structure will add new services for the members who have converted over to our latest and greatest membership option. This new membership to Flowery Branch Health and Fitness is $150 a month and will include the following.

  • Access to every scheduled group class. This includes CrossFit 101, CrossFit, and Max Kane Barbell (valued at $200 month)
  • Access to our new online resources. This includes Workout tracking through WODhopper, Nutrition and Movement reference material accessed through our member only webpages, and PDF downloads so you can make these files your own to better prepare your meals, strength training and obtain your personal goals! (valued at $300 month)
  • Goal counseling each quarter. Setting realistic Goals is very important and we want to ensure to also set realistic time frames. Our programming is completed in 8 to 12 week blocks, so it only makes sense that you re-set goals on a similar schedule. (valued at $55 month)

Add-ons for MEMBERS to this program include:

  • Open Gym. This $10 a month add on will give you access to the gym outside of class times. This option is great to make up a missed workout due to your busy work/life schedule or to come in and perform any extra work your Coach has prescribed you to correct any imbalances in your training to aid in goal completion.
  • Access to ALL scheduled sessions in a month. The most over looked $20 month add on. Mobility is important but king to mobility is STABILITY! Practicing yoga on a regular schedule will help you obtain improved positions with greater stability. The long term effects include better mobility, joint range of motion, and reduced risk for injury. (valued at $100 month)
  • Coach Check-up- This is a $35 add on that gives you a 1 on 1 session with the Coach of your choice to set up fitness goals and a plan of action to obtain those goals. You will be assigned homework for the month to ensure you stay on track to goal completion. (valued at $100 month)
  • Personalized Programming. This is a $50 add on that gives you additional access to OPEN GYM hours for the month of your personal program. A personal program is determined through a Coach and Athlete meeting with a 1 on 1 session. The Coach will then develop a detailed program specific to the Athlete for a 4 week period. (valued at $200 month)

Additional Options: (these give you none of the above Member Options)

Locker Space:

  • For $10 a month you can rent out one of our giant lockers. Stop wondering if you forgot your workout gear on your way to the gym, and avoid the extra trip home after work. Want to freshen up? We also have CLEAN, LARGE, TILED showers for your convenience. Keep your shower caddy and rubber ducky in a locker and you will be ready for anything.  

Retail Updates:

  • You can now ask us to put your retail purchases on your tab. This means no more having to keep cash or a card on you while you work-out. Just say, “Put it on my Tab” and you are good to go. All Member Tabs will be paid in full at the closure of each month with the next month’s membership dues.
  • By the Scoop. Forget your bottle of GAINZ? Just ask us to fill you up. We are offering $3.00 scoops of SFH protein for your post workout needs. If you are dragging when you enter the door after a long day or early morning ask us for a $3.00 scoop of Recon Ambush. For those heavy days get a few extra reps for bigger lifts with a $3.00 scoop of Blonyx Creatine+HMB.

Weekend Schedule:

  • Open Gym hours for those with access will be extended on Sundays an extra 2 hrs. Doors open at Noon and will close at 4pm.
  • The Saturday CrossFit workouts will change each week. The layout will be as follows:
    • 1st SaturdayFriends and Family Free Day (Bring your people, it will be Fun and FREE)
    • 2nd SaturdayOdd Object Day (everything we neglected during the week, Tires, Hammers, Stones, to name a few)
    • 3rd SaturdayScenario Based Fitness (playing out a military, fire rescue, police, or apocalypse scenario)
    • 4th SaturdayHero Day (Honoring the Heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice with sweat)

WOD 5.11.15

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Workout of the Day – Monday 5.11.15

Skill of the Day 

5 min EMOM

6 Bent over rows @ 75% of Clean

Strength Work 

Back Squat

  • 5 X 1 @ 90%

CrossFit WOD


5 Rounds for time of:

  • 400 m Run
  • 30 Box Jumps 20/24
  • 30 Wall Balls 14/20

Coaches of the Day! 

download (1)

Weekly Update – March 29

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WOD 3.28.15

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Workout of the Day 3.28.15

Skill of the Day 


Strength Work 


CrossFit WOD 

Friends and Family Day

Endurance WOD 11.8.14


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Endurance Workout of the Day 11.8.14

3 Sport

A. Swim

B. Run – 5 miles

Done back to back / no transitions


Long Run

  • M – 5 miles
  • H – 9 miles
  • S – 5 miles

WOD 10.17.14


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Workout of the Day 10.17.14

Skill of the Day:

OH Complex w/barbell

  • Press/PP/PJ/SJ
  • 5 minute 2 rep EMOM


  • Deadlift 5×[email protected]%


8 min AMRAP:

  • 10- Bench Press 65/95#
  • 15- Ring Rows

Post Total Rounds & Reps…

WOD 10.14.14


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Workout of the Day 10.14.14

Skill of the Day:

3 Position Snatch w/BB (hip, knee, shin)

  • 3minute 3 rep EMOM


  • Press 5×5 @ 65%


12 min AMRAP:

  • 400m Run
  • 15- KB Swings 35/53

Post Total Rounds/Reps


Endurance WOD 10.11.14


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Endurance WOD 10.11.14


3 Sport- 

A.  Swim- 800m

B.  Run-5 miles

Done back to back, no rest, work on transitions.



Long Run

M- 5 miles

H- 5 miles

S- 3 mile


Endurance WOD 10.10.14


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Endurance WOD 10.10.14


3 Sport- 

Swim Intervals

  • 50×50 Kick Only/rest 30 Sec

  • Tread Water 3x5min


Time Trials

M- 20 mins

H- 16 mins

S- 10 mins

Go as far as possible in the amount of time listed.


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