Kids WOD 10/1

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WARM UP: Bear Crawl Agility Ladder Hop Skip Half Burpee Skill Work: 3-2-1-GO! Freeze! Squats! WOD: In teams 5 min AMRAP 1-Forward Roll 5- Half Burpee 5m-Bear Crawl 5- Hop Over Crawl Under 5- Squats 5- Sections of Agility Ladder Hop Optional Game: CrossFit Hand Ball


WOD 10/1

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WARM UP: The New Deal… Junk Yard Dog Coach B Warm-up Trainer Dictated Dynamic Warm-up Skill Work: Power Cleans WOD: For Time: 3 rounds 7- Power Cleans #65/#115 7- Pull-ups Then: 50- Box Jumps 20/24 60- OH Lunges #25/#45 70- Flash Push-ups 80- KB Swings #35/#53 Time Stops…

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