CrossFit Abbreviations?

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Every different organization has their own abbreviations and acronyms they adopt in everyday settings. CrossFit is no different, and at times it is the lack of knowledge and understanding of these acronyms or abbreviations which scare away new athletes. So down and dirty here are a few to get you going and alleviate the fear you may encounter when confronted with terms written on the whiteboard in what appears to be a foreign language.
1.) WOD- Work Out of the Day
2.) OHS- Over Head Squat
3.) SDLHP- Sumo Dead Lift High Pull
4.) PP- Push Press
5.) PJ- Push Jerk
6.) HSPU- Hand Stand Push Up
7.) DL- Dead Lift
8.) C&J- Clean and Jerk
9.) BS- Back Squat
10.) BW- Body Weight
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WOD 5/13

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Warm-up: 400m Run
10 Shoulder Stretch w/PVC
10 OHS w/PVC
10 Flash Push ups
10 Sit ups (Abmat)
10 Back Ext. (Abmat)
5 Dips
5 Pull ups

Skill Work: Bergner Warm-up

WOD: For Time
10 Bench Press 155/95
5 Burpees
9 Pull ups
4 Burpees
8 Bench Press 155/95
3 Burpees
7 Pull ups
2 Burpees
6 Bench Press 155/95
1 Burpee
5 Pull ups

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WOD 5/12

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Rest Day or make up one of the previous WODs

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