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Endurance WOD 10.25.14

Endurance WOD 10.25.14   3 Sport-  A.  Swim B.  Run-6 miles Done back to back, no rest, work on transitions.   Running- Long Run M- 6 miles H- 7 miles S- 3 miles    


WOD 10.24.14

Workout of the Day 10.24.14 Skill of the Day: OH Complex w/barbell Press/PP/PJ/SJ 5 minute 2 rep EMOM Strength: Deadlift 5×8@70% WOD: For 10 min, 1 rep on min 1, 2 reps min 2, 3 reps min 3, etc.: OHS 105/155#


Endurance WOD 10.24.14

Endurance WOD 10.24.14   3 Sport-  Swim Intervals 8x50m- Free Rest 1:1 Running- Time Trials M- 40min H-  35min S-  18min Go as far as possible in the amount of time listed.  

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